Meta’s workout-friendly Quest Active Pack is releasing October 25th

Meta announced that a new sweat-resistant face mask and controller straps for exercising in the Quest 2 will be available for purchase online starting Tuesday, October 25th. We initially covered the Active Pack exercise-ready accessories kit when it was unveiled during last year’s showcase, and we didn’t expect that it’d come so close to missing its 2022 launch window. Nevertheless, it’s almost ready to ship. The company still hasn’t announced how much it will cost.

The Active Pack includes a wipeable facial interface that can likely stand up to sweat better than the plush one that comes installed by default, two wrist straps, and adjustable knuckle straps to “provide the perfect combination of comfort and control,” according to Meta.

In case you’ve never detached the Quest 2’s facial interface, it might feel like you’re going to break it the first few times. First, set the headset down so the lenses face upward, then gently squeeze each of the two sides of the stock interface that touches your temples together. As you do that, gently lift up the nose section, and it should come off with some more gentle pulling where it touches your forehead. Meta didn’t clarify how the wrist and knuckle straps will be installed.

Meta took some time during the Connect showcase to celebrate the secondary market of Quest accessories made outside the company’s walls. Additionally, it said that it aims to partner with “leading hardware makers” to release “Made for Meta”-branded accessories in the coming year.