Netgear’s Orbi 860 Wi-Fi 6 mesh router is ready for multi-gig internet service if you’ve got it

Netgear released new Orbi mesh routers that are ready to support multi-gig fast internet speeds just as more providers start pushing gigabit-plus service. The Orbi 860 Series doesn’t have the latest Wi-FI 6E technology like the super-pricey Orbi 960 Series and other options like Google’s Nest Wifi Pro or the Eero Pro 6E, but if most of your devices don’t support the 6-GHz band, then you might not need it any time soon. What it does have — other than the 10Gb Ethernet port its 850 predecessor lacks — is Wi-Fi 6, plus four LAN ports on the router and satellites that support Gigabit networking.

The 860’s third band supports dedicated backhauling that can increase your local network speeds, while the standard 2.4 and 5GHz bands keep up with your wireless connections at up to 6Gbps speed.

Netgear company calculates that the new 860 Series is 20 percent better at range and speed than the existing Orbi 850 models thanks to a new antenna design. The 850 can support current 2-gig services from Comcast and Frontier, but the 860 Series can take advantage of AT&T’s 5-gig internet and beyond as speeds continue to increase. While 10-gig support on the 860 may seem excessive at first, consider that Google is working on 20-gig.

“It provides the capacity to capitalize on higher incoming Internet speed, up to 10 Gigabit, an increasing number of devices and even better Wi-Fi range than the Orbi 850 Series,” said David Henry, Netgear’s president and general manager of connected home products.

In the three-pack bundle (RBK863), Netgear says the Orbi 860 can cover up to 8,000 square feet of space and support up to 100 connected devices simultaneously. If that distance isn’t enough for you, you can purchase more satellites (RBS860) and extend the mesh coverage even further.

You can preorder the new Orbi 860 from Netgear’s website today, and deliveries will start later this month. The three-pack will set you back $1,099.99, which is $300 more than the previous Orbi 850 model, and additional satellites cost $429.99. Netgear will also let you choose between white and black models to match up nicely with your decor.