Bill Belichick: Aaron Rodgers was too good

Patriots coach Bill Belichick displayed plenty of respect for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after today’s game.

Belichick was effusive with his praise of Rodgers, saying that the Patriots played well but that Rodgers was simply too much for them to stop.

“In the end, Rodgers was just too good. He made some throws that only Rodgers can make. We had pretty good coverage on some of those and he was just too smart, too good, too accurate. In the end he got us,” Belichick said.

The Patriots started the game seeming to have a great game plan to contain Rodgers, and in the early going Rodgers struggled. But Rodgers had a strong second half, and the game ended with a long Rodgers-led drive in overtime, culminating in the Packers’ game-winning field goal.

The Patriots were game opponents, but Belichick said it best: Rodgers was too good.