Dad fed up with flooding takes £5 rubber ring for a dip in giant puddle on busy road

A dad bogged down by flooding in his area decided to take to the water in a giant rubber ring he bought on holiday in Tenerife.

Jayme Loftus, 40, demonstrated just how deep the enormous puddle by swimming in it atop the £5 inflatable – this time in chilly 15 degree weather.

The dad-of-five said he decided to take action and “embarrass” his local council after becoming sick and tired of the issue.

He told how the area near his home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, has flooded after torrential rain “ever since he can remember.”

Hilarious footage shows Jayme walking up to the puddle wearing the rubber ring around his waist in the cold autumn weather.

A motorist then drives through the flooded area in his car and honks the horn at the unexpected ‘road hazard’.

“I was getting home and I had to drive on the road when I saw two girls trying to walk through and I just thought it was ridiculous,” Jayme told Kent Live.

“It floods every time it rains, so if we have one bad day of rain it will flood for three or four days at a time.

“I wanted to do something to embarrass the council to do something, so I just dug my rubber ring out.

“Then I decided I was going to go in, and told my wife to quickly take a picture because it was very cold.”

Jayme decided to upload the snap onto a local Facebook group as soon as he got home.

“M y phone just went mad. Everyone on the estate is sick of it because it’s gone on for years and years,” he added.

The window cleaner pulled the stunt on Saturday to embarrass Stockport Council.

Despite his efforts, the dad said he has not heard anything from the local authority while the “huge lake” is still there.

“I’ve heard nothing from the council so far. Yesterday, I did see some council vans there but they have been and gone and we still have this huge lake,” he said.

Jayme is also concerned about the safety of the local residents, as many have to drive and walk through the puddle to get to work.

He also questioned whether the council would act in the same way if the puddle was in a wealthier area.

“In the deepest part it’s up to your knees and people’s cars are getting damaged because of it,” Jayme said.

“I’ve seen registration plates come off, the under tray that protects your engine and different bits of car parts that have come off while people have been driving through it.

“There is a big industrial estate, and a lot of the local people work there and people have to walk through it to get to work. They have no option but to get wet feet, it’s horrendous really.”

The Mirror Online has contacted Stockport Council for comment.